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Camp Rage Summer Camp supports your kids emotional, social and physical development.

Most kids spent almost a full year at home with minimal social interactions and minimal physical effort.

By sending them to Camp Rage Summer Camp, you kids will:

  • Spend Active Time Outdoors connecting with nature
  • Develop new relations and communication skills by getting out of their comfort zone
  • Increase their social exposure by meeting new people from all around the world
  • Discover the beautiful, positive and fun side of Lebanon specially after everything happening around them

Though ending quarantine to going back to active lifestyle is very beneficial for everyone's physical and mental health, abiding by the COVID-19 safety measures remains paramount for a successful and safe Camp Rage

Therefore, Camp Rage will this year have STRICT COVID SAFETY MEASURES that will help us minimize the risk as much as possible, while keeping all the fun!

Based on the CDC recommendations, below are the safety points in brief that we will not compromise at Camp Rage, for a safe and fun summer camp:

  • Accommodation in Single rooms the first 2 days of camp until second PCR tests are out.
  • PCR to all kids
  • PCR to all parents of kids before the camp starting date (parents or person the kids live with)
  • PCR to all counselors, instructors, trainers, staff...
  • At the end of the camp and to ensure a safe come back home to all Camp Ragers and their families, a PCR will be done to every person present at Camp Rage
  • Minimal Interactions with instructors not working as full timer at the camp (In all cases PCR tests will be done to every person who might be in Contact with the kids)
  • Limited time spent indoors
  • Partial Bus capacity on the first day of camp
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of all needed areas
  • Emergency plan in case a positive case was detected
Please note that all PCR tests covered by Camp Rage and completed before the camp's first day will be done by a representative from the laboratory we will partner with at your place of residence in Lebanon for your convenience

We count on you to collaborate with us so we keep everyone safe by abiding to these points, Allowing Camp Rage kids to make memories, grow their love to Lebanon, have fun and stay safe!