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This year you will enjoy 12 days of incredible summer camp. What are you waiting for! Register NOW !!


Camp Rage summer camp runs a very special tripping program. Each student will participate in a wide variety of trips that are both fun and challenging all over Lebanon. From a day on the beach enjoying water games, spending another in a water park, a week-end rafting, an afternoon hiking in Tannourine Forest or caving in Mabaaj or Roueiss grottos, and many many more, Camp Rage Summer camp tripping program is exciting for everyone.

Our trips can last couple of hours, a day or a full week-end spent out of "Laklouk Village Vacances"'s resort.






Horseback riding, archery, tennis, biking, table tennis, rollerblade, skateboarding, and swimming

Camp Rage Summer camp has a lot of individual activities to offer to your kids among which horseback riding and tennis as main sports.

Horseback riding
Horseback riding courses will be on school horses. Lessons will be given on almost daily basis in order to let your kids improve their skills either for beginners or familiar with this sport. Day and night riding promenade during full moon will take place during the camp.

Tennis courses will be given regularly on clay courts in the private resort that will be hosting the camp during the 12 days.

horseback riding





Wall climbing, rock climbing, flying fox, adventure park, caving, ATV, scuba diving and mountain biking

Kids have different tastes for activities and sports. Some like to climb, others cruise around on their mountain bikes, or dive.

Although we call them extreme sports, security of kids and youth is the main concern of Camp Rage Summer camp.

Extreme or not, it's important to encourage kids to express themselves physically, whether their athletic tastes run to the trendy or the traditional. Extreme sports can build self-confidence, relieve stress, and promote physical fitness -- all of which are vital to growing.



flying fox



Cheese making, painting, fossil, astrology, agriculture, honey making, theatre, languages

Workshops develop creative art skills. These include crafts, art, creative writing, film production, singing, drama, makeup, hair and beauty, fashion and more. This is in addition to the ones related to nature as cheese and honey making.

Languages are an extra option, introductory courses in arabic, english, french, spanish and german will be offered at an extra cost of $400 for 8 hours

art craft

face painting




Jet ski, scuba diving, water parks, ringo, soccer soap, beach volleyball, banana, bucket blast, butterfinger ball, tug of war, water limbo, water polo, treasure hunt, water basketball...

Usually, with the scorching summer temperatures, nothing beats a good splash in the swimming pool of Laklouk resort or in the sea or even in a water park. Kids love the waters.

During the camp period the swimming pool of "Laklouk Village Vacances" resort will be at their disposal, besides the trips that will include a day out to the beach enjoying jet skiing, soccer soap, beach volley ball... as well as a day spent in a water park.




scuba diving


Karaoke nights, pool parties, fire camps, club parties, sleeping under the moon light...

We have our way to organize the best nightlife ever at Camp Rage Summer Camp. Each "soiree" will be like no other with a new theme. Good music, genuine atmosphere, or anything else that turns an ordinary night out into an unforgettable one. Your kids will be at the right place!

chinese lantern

club parties

karaoke nights

fire camps


Basketball, football, paintball, volleyball, rugby, beach volleyball, soap soccer

Team games will teach your kids commitment, promote their team spirit and help them build friendships at camp.


soap soccer

team building